Coffee Pods

Bishop's Roast Coffee are proud to partner with Tupinamba Coffee as a distributor of the WWF Compostable Coffee Pods.


The WWF have launched a range of fully compostable Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules that directly address the problem of waste plastic and aluminium from coffee capsules ending in landfill.

The responsible disposal of used coffee capsules is a growing problem for the environment and these ground-breaking capsules solve this problem as they break down into simple raw materials in a domestic compost heap in just weeks.
This new technology means that you no longer need to peel off the foil, empty the coffee and sort the components into separate recycling bins.
The WWF capsules can just be added to your composting bin, compost heap or food recycling bin. The packaging is also made from 100% recyclable card, printed using water-based inks and organic pigments. 
This means that 100% of the entire product is compostable or recyclable!

WWF put them to the test...

WWF put their compostable capsules and two other leading brands in a domestic compost heap and measured the results.

All three capsules were placed in the same enviroment, in exactly the same conditions to ensure a fair test.

After 90 days it was very clear that the WWF PHA capsule was the only one that had started to biodegrade.

After 180 days (6 months) the WWF PHA capsule was more than 90% fully composted.

Both the Aluminium and PLA capsules however, showed no signs of decomposition.

WWF Compostable Coffee Pods